Who is Real Estate Investor Bird Dog?

We are a group of investors that have closed deals creatively, wholesale and cash deals. Our group started up in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and now we are expanding to multiple cities across the country. There are a lot of mentors out there on the web that want to charge you excessive amounts of money only to leave you thirsty for more training.

Their real estate mentor trainings are designed to suck you dry of all your cash, then they rinse and repeat the process with someone else. That’s not how we do here at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog. We mentor those that are deserving for the big cost of FREE!

We are only looking for a few bird dogs in each major city. Our goal is to build up one bird dog in each city that can consistently brings us deals so we can close them out and once we have that bird dog set up, we will show them out to have other bird dogs working for them so they can sit back and manage the leads. That’s a pretty sweet deal for the right bird dog that wants to get started in the real estate industry.

This free mentor training isn’t going to last long, once we fill up the 28 cities that we want to set up in, then all latter bird dogs will be require to pay for the training. Our bird dogs that we mentor will be responsible for training the new recruits and get a portion of the new bird dogs subscriptions. So don’t wait, register now and get started on improving your lifestyle.

We have a lot of free resources that can help you to target areas of your city and those resources will help you to go after the right deals. Plus market to the right areas.

Make Sure You View Cyber Homes

As a bird dog you have to make sure you know the value range for any leads you come across so the homeowner won’t mislead you and so you will know how much a house is worth compare to the asking price. If you plan on bird dogging deals for other investors then you must know their criteria for purchasing a home so you can match them up with the right deal that fits them.

The investors usually have a repair criteria plus a price and area criteria. Match everything your investor is looking for and you will be sure to get a check for your efforts. First you want to start with the range of value. One free site that you can get a range of value plus much more is Cyber Homes.

At Cyber Homes you can verify a lot of information on the home that you have your eyes on for your investor. A lot of new bird dogs think the value of a house is the tax value. The tax value is sometimes the true in cities that do evaluations every year, but most cities only reassess their tax values every 10 years. You don’t want to base your values on numbers that are years old.

So go to Cyber Homes and find out the value ranges while you explore the site for its full use.

What Kind of Fees Does a Bird Dog Get?

When investors think about becoming a bird dog they base their decisions based on learning about the real estate market they live in and the fees they can expect for devoting their time. Without a doubt a bird dog can learn the outs of real estate investing, but they also earn a fee while they learn. The fees a bird dog receives on their negotiation tactics when making first contract with an investor.

Most investors that are looking for bird dogs decide to offer bird dogs a fee because they know if they set the fee the new investor won’t really argue. The new investor wants to learn and doesn’t want to confuse things by debating over a fee. The normal compensation investors advertise to pay is around $250-1,000. Either compensation is worth if the bird dog is happy with the arrangements.

We, in our company, like offer a little more incentive for those that can assist us with making deals happen. Our goal is to set-up in 28 major cities so with our intended expansion, we can afford to pay a large portion of our profits in order to reach that goal. We don’t necessarily offer a fee to bird dogs, but we offer an opportunity to partner with on deals so they bird dog can make a larger profit as well as us.

The arrangement that we look to set-up with a bird dog is a one time compensation payment of $750 for the first deal and every deal after that we will split the profits with the investors that handle the opportunity. Going out finding deals is a lot of work and that is why it’s best for the ones that go out to find us deals should get an equal portion of the profits since we are closing the deal out with our buyers.

That strategy allows for the bird dog to work on one function and that’s to find deals while our function is two part, where we locate bird dogs and buyers. Our network of investors is growing so we have a growing need of building up a property finders for our network.

Once there is a deal that makes it to closing there are two ways for a bird dog to receive their fee or portion of the profits and that is through Paypal or in the mail by a certified check. Paypal is a clean for investors to receive payment because the service is a third party that allows its’ users to successfully transfer fund securely online. If you plan on joining our team and accepted into the network then you will probably want to set up a Paypal account so you can get your payment sooner.

What We Are Looking For!


We need a person that is responsible and motivated to find the best deals in their area. You are your areas local information researcher. If you want the opportunity to work with us you need to become good at finding properties that are for sale or likely to become for sale by owner, preferably. Once accepted into our program you will get a list of areas that we need you to work based on your cities information when you submit your registration form.

We will give you pointers on how to keep track of your progress and leads so it will be your responsibility to maintain accurate records. You need to be able to track the leads you send over to us because we don’t want to deal with duplicate leads unless they are submitted 60-90 days apart.

You will be given property information forms that have the information we need to analyze a lead for further review. All property information forms should be kept in your records for safe keeping but all leads that you submit to us will have to be sent through the system. On the home page in the on the left side of the page you will see three blue boxes the top box should say main menu, in the main menu there is a tab that says submit properties. Once you click on that tab, you will submit your properties into that form and when we process the information you will get a receipt, informing you that we have received your property lead.

There will be multiple ways for you to find deals, but the most successful methods will require some cash on your part. For example; mailings are a good way to develop leads and they cost money so if you want consistent leads then you will need a budget to mail letters and postcards to prospects. Another example; newspaper ads cost money but they generally bring in a few leads per month so you will need a budget for this if that’s a way you want to go.

Once you get started you will learn multiple free methods to or very cost effective methods to generate leads until you get a few deals going to have a budget. Starting off with a budget, even a small budget of $25-75/week, will put you at an advantage of using the free methods. The free methods will require quite a bit of time but that do work.

We will start by asking you a few questions to determine your level of experience and once we get a feel of where you are we will give you assignments to work on so you can work on to generate leads.

Our interpretation of a bird dog is very different from a lot of individuals and the way they use the term. Our definition of a bird dog is completely different than the way most use it. Most people that scour for information on becoming a bird dog don’t understand that simply being a bird dog is not the correct way to go about it. There are many courses on the topic but our vision of a bird dog isn’t simply someone that is at the bottom of totem pole or out searching for deals for a fee. Our understanding that the more people that have the same common goal is the better than a small team going out performing the same task. The linguistic should be clearly understood that we aren’t out looking to pay people to be apart of a transaction but to be apart of a team that is clearly above board with a clear partnership in mind. In order to understand what a bird dog is, we will talk more about with a featured article on our definition of a bird dog.

Bird Dog Opportunities Are Abundant in this Market

Attention bird dogs, the housing market is down in quite a few markets across the country. Property values are low as well as interest and that creates a major opportunity for those that want to get into real estate the best in years. If you are serious about getting started, like it’s been stated, we are looking for some property finders that are going to put time into this so they can help us close more deals.

You might choose to go with a local real estate investor in your market and that’s fine, but will the offer you the support and training you need to bring in the deals immediately. We can show you where you can start contacting sellers within 10 minutes of talking to us. In most markets there are at 400 sellers that you can talk to starting right now. As time passes and you prove that you are serious about the opportunities that are available we will go over a few marketing plans that you can implement to get sellers to call you, so you can screen them out and pass the leads over to us for review.

This business isn’t hard it just takes some time to learn the process and before you know there will be deals closing in your area which will put money into your pockets. The response has been pretty good and new real estate investors are answering the opportunities that we are putting in place. If you haven’t already you need to sign up and register because when the doors are closed you will be asked to pay a subscription fee to be apart of this growing opportunity.