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Saturday, 15 December 2012 22:33

Success Breeds Success

After reading an article by Forbes magazine title, "How to Become Rich by Making Others Rich", go me to thinking.  They pointing out there are a 2 ways that lead to the path of wealth, one of which, is basically building wealth from the misfortune of others.  That has to be the leading way most reach the level of success because there are a lot more people struggling than aren't.  However, the wealthy that bring with them to wealthy lifestyle are the ones that obtain ultra success.



This topic leads me to write this article.  Here at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog.com our goal is to train others that want to join the housing industry so they can reach success.  We have the same mentality because our mission doesn't succeed unless we can create some successful bird dogs in the process.  We don't want to charge for the opportunity to work with us, our training is free since we understand that it takes a huge network to reach heights of the ultra successful companies that have left their competitors in the dust.

I am not suggesting that we will become super wealthy with our program, but if all of the bird dogs that join the program understand the mission there is no reason why all of our property locators can't make a comfortable six figure income year in and year out.  We successfully wholesale properties to cash buyers that are always looking for deals and we can't find all of the properties ourselves so we are forced to bring like minded individuals in to help cater to our network.

Not every bird dog will succeed because not everyone will take action.  We only want to work personally with locators that want to succeed and we will work closely with the ones that are ready to follow the action plan.  Some bird dogs will start out slower, others will be right on pace with us and others will blow by and help our recognize even more success but this is a team effort.

Well that's enough of this rant, but if you want to see success in the real estate industry and don't know where to start, then take action and get involved with here at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog.com.  We already have quite a few bird dogs that have shown interest so we need a few more to help us reach the goal of success.  The profits are there, the training is there and the network is already in place.

The question you need to ask yourself, are you going to be there when we reach our goal?

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