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What to say to a Seller when you speak to them over the Phone
Written by Dante Mazyck   

The most nerve wrecking thing a bird dog will come across when starting out your real estate investing career would be having the right words in order when you speak to a seller that could potentially motivated.  When you haven't heard someone speak to a seller then you could be totally clueless on what to ask and when to ask a certain question.

The fear of speaking to a seller isn't what holds bird dogs back but the script they need to enter a conversation with confidence is the key.  A script is the corner stone to most job functions.

Telemarketers have scripts, if you have ever worked customer service you had a script and the highest paid persons that use a script would be actors.  If you had the right script and a practice partner, then I am willing to bet that you would jump right into real estate investing with no problems.


That is why we have taken the guess work out of talking to motivated sellers.  We have put together a phone script so when you find a lead you will be able to call the lead and extract the information we need to make the deal happen.  Our script is very simple and it is recommended that you tailor it to your personality so it will flow with your style of speech.

If you haven't already signed up for our bird dog program then you should be the seller script is one of many benefits you will receive when you join our program.

See you on the inside.