Acceleration in Asking Prices Gain in November, Based on Localities

United States

Trulia’s Chief Economist, Jed Kolko has come out with another report that highlights the top 10 cities in the month of November that have the highest asking price.  By now you should have read the Top 10 Accelerating Cities in October of 2012, but if you have, it is available.  Now the focus is on November.  This report focuses on a quarter that ranges from August to the month of November.

In that span of time, there are some cities that have had their asking prices accelerated that weren’t on the articles posted yesterday.  So Bird Dogs it’s really time to lift your ears and pay attention.  There more lucrative cities that need some really serious attention if you expect to make a 6 six figure a year income.

Without further ado, the cities with the largest acceleration in asking prices include the following citites;

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Wilmington, Delaware-Maryland-New Jersey
  3. Phoenix, Arizona
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Cape Coral – Fort Myers, Florida
  6. Riverside & San Bernardino, California
  7. Sacramento, California
  8. San Jose, California
  9. Portland – Oregon – Waskington
  10. Denver, Coloradeo
I am glad this report came up because now bird dogs in the above cities should really start to get involved in the real estate business.  Your city want have the largest raise in profits longs so it’s time to get your nose dirty and look for some awesome deals.