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Attention Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are in the process of revamping our bird dog site.  Many of you have been to this site before and now notice the changes.  Our team is coming up with the right logo for the site so things should be full swing by the first of the year.  That’s not going to stop us though, we are still going to provide you with the good stuff until then.

Now back to the title, we have have a real estate lead generating website that is placed in 28 major cities across the country and we get leads from different cities every week either by phone or through emails from our site.  The leads are from sellers that are about to lose their real estate investment properties, going through divorce, transferring jobs and must sell and a whole lot more different circumstances.

That’s one reason why we decided to start this bird dog site because we want to utilize all the leads that come to us.  It’s virtually impossible for us to personally be in 28 cities chasing deals and that’s why we thought of you.  If you provide the right bird dogs with our free real estate leads some of you can do something with them.

We will test you out, you won’t get all of the leads just a few for your city and if you prove you are trustworthy and can handle the load we will give you more of our leads.  You see, we just want to close real estate transactions and don’t mind sharing the profits.

In order to take advantage of our real estate leads which will be free, I must add, you simply have to register with us.  Your information is completely safe, we don’t spam or sell your information to a third party.

Here are some of the things you get just for joining:

  1. Access to our real estate leads that come through us system.  You are welcome to call any leads we have until someone in the city of those leads become available.
  2. Listen in while we call sellers on the phone and hear how we talk to them personally so you can get an idea of what to say and when to say it.
  3. Access to our message board, where you can post questions and get your answers by the end of the day or if you posted your questions late the very next day.
  4. The forms needed to organize your bird dogging and the free leads we provide you.
  5. Ideas on how to implement your own marketing.
  6. Your very own web page with an email address that is linked to our website for instant credibility.  No more using a free email like hotmail, gmail, or yahoo.
  7. Sample letters to send to sellers.
  8. Sample ads you can place on the internet and newspaper.
  9. Free e-books like; Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Thought and much more.
  10. Full real estate investor marketing guide.

There are so many things you will get just for registering for our free leads that it will be a disservice to you and your family for not signing up now.  We are only looking for 28 bird dogs that are qualified, we have had 100’s of replies but most weren’t qualified.   Don’t delay because if you do, you will be working for one of our other bird dogs that will have the key to the free leads we are giving away.

New Birds Have Signed Up

Since our launch on December 1st, we have 3 cities with bird dogs that qualify and looking to get started. Everyone will not qualify and once the cities are covered, all other bird dogs that would like to join will be required to pay. Don’t delay get registered for you city now!

Get Paid for Your Lead Generation

We are launching a new bird dog program for new and seasoned investors that want to tap into the new housing market. Everyone has watched the media and knows that the real estate market is slowly getting its feet back. As a result we have more investors now that are looking for properties to invest in. We get on average of 5 investors every week that are looking to buy houses with all cash in multiple cities and the more cities that are able to generate leads in the amount of real estate investors with deep pockets will grow even faster.

Our goal is to ride the real estate wave home value wave while it improves and now is the time for us to put our company in a position to get a stronger hold on the market during its bottoming out. We want to train bird dogs to bring in leads and now we have a beta program that will pay bird dogs a fee for leads that they bring to us that are qualifying. The home must be for sale by owner, and leads that are listed by a real estate agent are disqualified automatically, also properties with owners that are real estate agents will not receive compensation for a lead purchase but if we end up purchasing or selling the property then the bird dog will get a profit share on those types of leads.

We are so serious about our lead purchase program that we are willing to train bird dogs how to produce leads without leaving their homes if you don’t have time to canvass the streets. Hitting the streets will bring in the best leads for investors that are looking to buy houses but we have so many investors right now that we need to find properties for them.

The is a draw back to our training, we will only provide continued training to bird dogs that are constantly bringing us leads. Our goal is to build a relationship for those that really want to work with us, so we have to be careful with some of the information that we share so bird dogs will need to qualify before they can go to the next level of training. There will be modules of video tutorials distributed and once the bird dog reaches the next milestone they will receive the next level of training. We will also give each bird dog, a web page that will make it easier to generate leads and build trust amongst homeowners.

All bird dogs that are interested in our new beta program should get started immediately be as of now we have over 500 bird dogs in our system and we want more, but we won’t be able to purchase leads for too long especially if bird dogs are bringing in at least 100 leads per month. It won’t take long to reach a $10,000 pay out. So fill in our contact us now form to get started in our lead purchase program so you can start receiving our video tutorials. The videos won’t be pretty but they will be high quality content that you can use immediately to contact at least a couple of hundred sellers that want to sell their homes now.

Free We Buy Houses Web Page for our Bird Dogs

There is something that we have been talking about but we finally got our “We Buy Houses” website up and running. It turned out just like I was thinking but there are a few more things that I would like to do it. However, in its current states it is perfect with what we are trying to accomplish here at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog.com. The web page is for the first bird dog in each city. If your city is listed on the website, we will be glad to add your city on it.

The web page that we are giving to our bird dogs will normally cost $20 per month through other services but since we are developing a relationship as well as offering free training, the web page is being offered for the lowest cost of free. You will receive the leads that come in as well as us. The reason why we are receiving the leads is because we want to make sure every lead is being followed up with. Our website costs us a lot of time and money so we want to be sure that it is being used.

We have just recently gotten the website in order, literally last week and if by they time you see this post, if your city has an asterisk sign beside it, that means your city is already taken so you will want to choose a city that is closest too you.

The web site is can be found at it’s name at “We Buy Houses Online Today.com”. Don’t wait and let the city of your choice get taken away from you.

Top 10 Cities with Increases in Asking Prices

United States

If you haven’t read the article I wrote yesterday about the Housing Market Recovery, then you should because buyers are gaining more confidence in an industry that was hit hard by the housing bubble burst.  The market seems to be gaining momentum and this is the perfect storm for bird dogs that want to learn how to make a profit while riding the housing wave to the peak.  This is the time where serious money is being made.

Trulia has written an article based on the monitors they have in place.  Some of the cities that they have listed as top 10 in asking prices will surprise you.  Asking price is different than sales price but when homeowners feel the need to ask more for their home then that is an indication that home values are improving in their area.  After writing the article yesterday, I am convinced that the housing market is close to turning the corner and when it does, then the market will become a sellers market, meaning that sellers will have buyers bidding up home prices.

Right now, we are in a buyers market in most areas of the country so buyers have strong influence on the selling prices and sellers are more likely to accept lower than market offers for their homes.

So for all of the property locators in the following markets, now is the time to set aside more time than you have to start working on developing yourself to generate leads.  We have over 300 cash buyers on our list and the list grows everyday and the more leads that we generate the more properties we will have to work with.  Here are the markets with the highest increase in asking prices in October of 2012:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Cape Coral, Florida
  3. San Jose, California
  4. Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, Michigan
  5. West Palm Beach, Florida
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada
  7. Denver, Colorado
  8. Detroit, Michigan
  9. Oakland, California
  10. San Francisco, California

There is the list bird dogs, so if you are in those cities, you should be more excited than anyone because you have the perfect storm to take advantage of.  Are you going to be the spectator that sits back and watch everyone else make money or are you going to be apart of history that is being made in the second decade of the century?

I expect to have more leads in those areas than any other city.

25 Cities Still Hit Hard, Which Could Mean Great Opportunity

United States

Anybody that has been keeping up with the news have noticed the talk from Forbes about the 25 cities that are still declining in a market where home values are 47% back to where they were before the recession.  In my opinion these cities that are declining in home values to most would be the lost or forgotten but to me there is a huge opportunity in each city.  So all bird dogs in those cities should get their leads in because there are cash buyers that are looking for good deals.

So the cities that most feel like the sky is falling are as follow:

  1. Gainesville, Florida
  2. Valdosta, Georgia
  3. Tallahassee, Florida
  4. Poughkeepsie, New York
  5. Salisbury, Maryland
  6. Panama City, Florida
  7. Gainesville, Georgia
  8. Olympia, Washington
  9. Wilmington, North Carolina
  10. Las Cruces, New Mexico
  11. Bremerton, Washington
  12. Atlanta, Georgia
  13. Norwich, Connecticut
  14. York, Pennsylvania
  15. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  16. Camden, New Jersey
  17. Gulfport, Mississippi
  18. Rockford, Illinois
  19. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  20. Tacoma, Washington
  21. Columbus, Georgia
  22. Mobile, Alabama
  23. Kingston, New York
  24. Jacksonville, Florida
  25. Greenville, North Carolina
Now there you have it.  Florida is the state that is being hit the hardest so that is one state that should be looked at because some cities in there are booming.  All bird dogs there should be looking for deals for our cash buyer network since they have not given up.

Marketing to Sellers

Be sure to register for the site

We will be adding some useful tips for bird dogs that want to learn how to market to sellers, but you will get the most free real estate marketing tips once you register for the site. That is our way of monitoring who receives our training. We only want to train bird dogs that are serious about working directly with us so we both can get paid from our investors.

Our network of investors is growing every month so it is important to get registered for this free bird dog training. I don’t know how long we will be offering this free real estate training but those that get in now will be locked in for free even if we start to charge in the future. Without the right marketing, you won’t find any real estate leads.

In Order to Bird Dog You Must Have a Marketing Plan

Bird Dog Marketing Plan

In order to Succeed in Real Estate Bird Dogs Need a Marketing Plan

Now that you have a serious interest in becoming a bird dog, you must think about some of the things that are going to make you successful as a new investor.  One of your main goals should be different strategies to attract motivated seller leads but in order to get the seller leads, your marketing has be map out down to a science.

You can shoot from the hip if you are better working on your toes however the best way to measure you marketing success would be to know the numbers.  Here are some of the things you should know about your motivated seller marketing plan:

  1. Where your leads come from?
  2. The amount of prospects you need to reach to get a lead.
  3. Total leads that come in every week and month.
  4. Amount of quality leads.
  5. The number of leads we actually close.
  6. Closed Deals ratio to qualified leads.
  7. Your profit rate from each seller lead.
  8. The cost for each seller lead.

At RealEstateInvestorBirdDog.com, we partnered up with Real Estate Bees, a great digital marketing company that specializes in internet marketing for real estate professionals. We have been using their real estate investor marketing service since beginning of 2017 and we are extremely happy with the results they bring to us from month to month. If you don’t have much money for marketing, then you would need to put a value on your time. You will also need to spend more time on your marketing when you are using less money to find motivated sellers.  You can’t cheap skate your way through real estate if you want to become successful.  Everything takes either time or money and for maximum profits you should balance both.

From the information above if you know it cost you $5 per lead whether in time or money you want to be sure you get a return on your marketing so your profit lead should be at least $5 per lead.  Meaning you the revenue generated from each lead should be $10.  You will also learn how many leads on average it takes to get a deal and how many deals it takes to close one. Let’s face it, some deals won’t make it to closing because no one thinks it’s a good deal, there might be a lien or judgment or there could be inspection issues.

Once you get your marketing plan in order you will be able to see what activities give you the best return and those will be the activities you naturally shift too.

Your monthly plan should include:

  1. Your net income goal.
  2. Your goal for a number of leads.
  3. Goal for visiting a house to take pictures and get more information.
  4. The amount of closings you want.
  5. Average net income from each closing.
  6. The number of prospects you need to contact to reach your goal.
  7. A detailed plan outlining the activities you need to do so you can reach your goals.

The objective here is put your plan in place because if being a bird dog is worth pursuing you might as well do it right from the beginning to get this venture down to a science.  You always want to have a clue of what you need to do to reach your monthly goals of generating motivated sellers leads each and every month.

Following the basics will put you in control of your actions and will allow you to waste minimum time and resources on the wrong tasks.  Marketing is a numbers game and succeeding at real estate is to know the proper numbers.  With knowledge of the numbers and the activities it takes to get a motivated seller needs you single-handedly take gambling from the equation.

Look for Motivated Seller Leads with Equity

Before the mortgage meltdown, the same goal that was drilled in beginning real estate investors heads was to look for motivated seller leads. During that time motivated sellers were very elusive and if you found one then you struck gold. Those types of leads could have made you bundle back then when things were really good.

Now that the market has crashed in most cities across the country, you have more motivated sellers than there ever were. There are sellers right now that would give you their homes and pay you take them off of the hands. The problem now is, now one really wants majority of the motivated seller deals because they are worthless.

It’s plain and simple that the motivated seller leads now aren’t the same quality they were 5 years ago or even 3 years ago. The majority of those leads where the seller is begging someone to take their property is a pot of fools gold. Most of those deals have no equity, the payments are priced out of the market and they are behind on their mortgages.

If you are into short sales, then those deals could be a goldmine, but short sales are very time consuming and you have to tend to them like a toddler. You can’t just submit paperwork to a lender and expect them to follow up with you in a timely manner no matter how complete your package is set in order. A short sale requires attention and really too much attention based on the potential of striking the deal that is profitable for an investor. Then the lenders came up with all of the clauses that keep you from reselling the property for 30 days and so on while FHA requires you to do a ton of work only to profit 13% of the resell price. So unless you plan on holding a short sale deal for years then they are out of the question.

Pre-foreclosures used to be a good source of motivated sellers because there weren’t a lot of homeowners going through foreclosures. The fewer the foreclosures meant the more stable market values were and now that just isn’t the case.

So the lesson of this writing is to let you know, when you go out to bird dog or buy properties for your own personal use, don’t waste time on the old thought of finding deals. You should still look for motivated sellers, just make sure there is enough equity in the deal and that it is a good deal.

Free Real Estate Training

Free Real Estate Training for Bird Dogs

It’s no secret that the housing market has gone down the drain and everyone knows that now is the best time to get into the real estate market.  The reason now is the best time to receive training is because when the market starts to improve you can ride the wave into success so now is the time to get involved.  Anybody can make money when the housing market is doing well, but only a select few make ends meet when things are bad.

We are a team of wholesalers and our buyers list is expanding in different market across the country.  Right now we have investors that are hungry for deals in 28 cities and as soon as we fill other markets with bird dogs we will improve our investors in those cities as well.  That is why we are offering free real estate training because we need new investors or starving investors to join our team of finding the hottest deals for our investors.  Most of the investors are cash buyers that can close in less than two weeks with a cashiers check.

As long as we can keep our investors loaded with deals we will be in a solid position to ride the wave once the real estate market corrects itself.  I am no psychic but the housing market should be improving in the next 3 years.  That’s when this venture is going to explode.  When that happens we are going to be too busy to train bird dogs especially for free.  So you need to hurry and get in while the market is still luke warm.  I can’t promise how long we will be offering this free training but I can promise that once everybody and their cousins start back buying property you will pay for this training if you aren’t locked in.

Make the right decision and get signed up so you can start receiving the training that will set you up when the real estate market comes back around.  Are you going to be the one surfing on the wave or watch from shore as we have fun?