Kwesi Nichols Real Estate Tip #1 Marketing Plan for Bird Dogs

Learning how to find a good real estate deal solely rely’s on putting things in place so that the hot deals are brought to your doorstep! You have to ask yourself if you’ve ever had a good deal fall in your lap? You didn’t have to make any calls or flip through newspapers to find them. Every day you can go to your endless pot of good money making deals.

What if I told you, that there was a fail proof strategy for this? Something you could implement just one time and it would yield you all of these things time and time again. Would you be interested? Is that worth just 30 minutes of your time? Well, here’s how it works. The tip for the day is craigs list, back page, and kijiji. I can show you how to set up the right ads and put together the correct questions for buyers, sellers and investors. With a properly structured marketing plan anyone can be succesful as a real esate investor. The real estate investment tip for the day is to register on Real Estate Investor Bird so we can show you how one simple Marketing plan can change your income! For more tips go to Real Estate Tips.

Craigslist is a Great Tool to Use to Bring in Motivated Seller Leads

Craigslist to Generate Leads

Craigslist is a Great Way to Generate Leads

For those of you that are new to the real estate arena the only way to survive in the housing market is to have a steady flow of leads whether the leads are buyers or sellers. Either of the leads are the cornerstone to making it to cashing checks but leads that are worth money aren’t that easy to find. Most real estate investors starting out try looking to the internet for REO deals, not knowing that those types of deals require a cash deposit and a quick closing with no contingencies. So if the investor doesn’t have cash or credit then REO’s isn’t the best way to start out in the real estate industry.

Plus REOs don’t classify as a motivated sellers. Of course banks want to sell properties but they will list their properties with real estate agents and most will allow their properties to sit on the market for x amount of days before they decide to lower their asking price. So the bottom line is if you don’t have the cash or credit, don’t start out trying to target REO properties as a source for deals so you will need to look in different areas to find motivated sellers that want to do something about their home now and that source is Craigslist.

Every time I post an ad on Craigslist, I get a lead from a sellers and sometimes 2 leads to 5 leads depending on the ad that I place. I am about to come out with a tutorial that shows bird dogs how to use Craigslist to bring in multiple leads within hours of sitting down out your computer. Our goal is for you to bring us every lead that you can find and you will get paid lucratively so will we, that is why we are willing to provide free training. We can see the potential in providing free training versus charging you a fee for our knowledge. The things that we are going to teach you will cost at least $1,000 with self proclaimed gurus, but not with us because we know what we teach generates money and we will rather make continuous money from every bird dog instead of charging a fee that is valued a lot less.

Join our email list so we can send out an email informing you of the training when it comes available.

Reaching Capacity

We are proud to say that our bird dog program is fired up and there are a lot of new investors taking advantage of our training. New investors are signing up everyday so we won’t be offering the free training for long. That is why it’s very important that if you have come to this page you should sign up now because it’s looking like we might be closing the doors on this project in the next few months.

We also have a new trainer that is going to be providing extra training to bird dogs. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t get started now. Go to the home page because when the doors are closed, it will be at our discretion whether we will let new members into the program through fee or what have you.

We Have Updated Our Facebook Fan Page

We have recently updated our Facebook Fan page as well as our logo. If any of you saw the last logo, it wasn’t all that great and I created it myself which says a whole lot. Our membership is growing by leaps and bounds. We have a discussion forum but we don’t really have the time to maintain with all of the other projects we are working on. So I think it would be a good idea for new members that would like answers to their property locator questions to post them on our Facebook Page.

Your questions can be answered there and since we already have a lot of traffic there will be a good place to help others with your questions or concerns.n Right now is the perfect time to get involved in the real estate market and our training will help you make money very quickly with no to little cash. We offer this free training because we are going to partner up with our trainees so don’t wait to go over to our Fan Page.

Look forward to answering your questions there.

Is the Housing Market Almost at the Halfway Point of Recovery

United States

According to Truila, the housing market is 47% close to being in full recovery mode.  That’s a huge stat for those that are thinking that the real estate industry is still in shambles.  This is shocking news and that means that it’s time to get busy and start finding those deals for our network of investors.

Trulia is comparing October of 2012 to October of 2011 and there are a few indicators that they are using to come up with the 47% recovery stat.  First Trulia is focusing on the new construction and it seems like the breaking of dirt is up 42% and that rate is 41% from being back to normal.  Builders are only doing new construction because they have a market for what they are selling and that means buyers are feeling more comfortable with the way the real estate conditions are in.

The next indicator is existing home sales which are up around 2% and this is 59% of being back to normal.  If the housing market is 59% of what it was then there are a few more years before the market is at full swing so there is no better time than now to start looking for deals.  It’s better to get the experience talking to sellers now while the market is still in recovery because sellers won’t be so picky as to who they are speaking with.

The final indicator that is proving the market is close to recovery is that foreclosure rates in November of 2012 were down to 10.64% of the housing in the country from versus 11.88% in October which shows that the foreclosure market is starting to level out which is 41% being back to normal.

So all of the numbers according to Trulia suggest that they housing market is 47% back to normal which is almost half.  There is still a long ways to go but now is the perfect time to join our team to start finding the good deals for investors in our network.  The investors are hunger cash buyers actively looking purchase on average of 12 houses per month.  That’s a huge number because out of the 300+ cash buyers on our list, that means they are looking for over 3600 houses to purchase every month.

It doesn’t matter how many bird dogs that we have it will take some time to reach that quota but I want to get as close to that number as we can.  And we need every bird dog in the market to help us get close to that number.  If we can reach 10% of that number we will reach a profit of around $150,000 per month that we will generate as a bird dog network.

Don’t wait, hurry and sign up.  If you are signed up, then hurry and start putting some of the training together so we as a team can reach our goals.

Acceleration in Asking Prices Gain in November, Based on Localities

United States

Trulia’s Chief Economist, Jed Kolko has come out with another report that highlights the top 10 cities in the month of November that have the highest asking price.  By now you should have read the Top 10 Accelerating Cities in October of 2012, but if you have, it is available.  Now the focus is on November.  This report focuses on a quarter that ranges from August to the month of November.

In that span of time, there are some cities that have had their asking prices accelerated that weren’t on the articles posted yesterday.  So Bird Dogs it’s really time to lift your ears and pay attention.  There more lucrative cities that need some really serious attention if you expect to make a 6 six figure a year income.

Without further ado, the cities with the largest acceleration in asking prices include the following citites;

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Wilmington, Delaware-Maryland-New Jersey
  3. Phoenix, Arizona
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Cape Coral – Fort Myers, Florida
  6. Riverside & San Bernardino, California
  7. Sacramento, California
  8. San Jose, California
  9. Portland – Oregon – Waskington
  10. Denver, Coloradeo
I am glad this report came up because now bird dogs in the above cities should really start to get involved in the real estate business.  Your city want have the largest raise in profits longs so it’s time to get your nose dirty and look for some awesome deals.

Being a Bird Dog is the First Step to Learning How to Wholesale Investment Properties

During this economical slump, out of work ex-employees are looking at ways to get into real estate investing. If that is you, then starting out a bird dog is not only the fastest way to get to some quick cash but it is the fastest way to learn how to wholesale investment properties to investors that are looking for good deals.

There are a few reasons why you should want to become a property locator is as follows:

  • you learn how to spot deals
  • get familiar with scripts to talk to sellers
  • you will know which deals are good
  • you will earn quick cash while you learn

Once you figure your way around the housing market, you will become a student of the game and soon you will be able to break out into wholesaling properties to real cash buyers that are starving for properties. Everyone with a boatload of cash is looking for a vehicle to put their money in so they can drive insane profits from their investments. Now that the economy isn’t fairing well through the stock market and futures are very risky, the real estate market is becoming a main target for investors to target their focus.

You know the real estate market is starting to fire up because hedge fund companies are turning to the housing industry to unload investment dollars. One hedge fund has dedicated one billion dollars to inject into the market and they have already started. Hedge funds were huge at investing in insurance, futures and stock market opportunities but since those markets are taking a major dive, it only makes sense for them to look elsewhere and there is no better investment opportunity than the income producing properties.

So why not follow the money because soon enough the market is going to boom again with all of the billions of dollars that are being forced into the market. Every small time real estate investing company is shaking in their offices thinking the world of investing is about to come to an end but not us at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog. We know how to profit during tough times, that is why we are building a huge network of cash buyers to funnel deals found by our property locators. This is the best opportunity that you will find where you don’t have to invest any of your own money to learn and start making impacting cash.

Who is Real Estate Investor Bird Dog?

We are a group of investors that have closed deals creatively, wholesale and cash deals. Our group started up in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and now we are expanding to multiple cities across the country. There are a lot of mentors out there on the web that want to charge you excessive amounts of money only to leave you thirsty for more training.

Their real estate mentor trainings are designed to suck you dry of all your cash, then they rinse and repeat the process with someone else. That’s not how we do here at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog. We mentor those that are deserving for the big cost of FREE!

We are only looking for a few bird dogs in each major city. Our goal is to build up one bird dog in each city that can consistently brings us deals so we can close them out and once we have that bird dog set up, we will show them out to have other bird dogs working for them so they can sit back and manage the leads. That’s a pretty sweet deal for the right bird dog that wants to get started in the real estate industry.

This free mentor training isn’t going to last long, once we fill up the 28 cities that we want to set up in, then all latter bird dogs will be require to pay for the training. Our bird dogs that we mentor will be responsible for training the new recruits and get a portion of the new bird dogs subscriptions. So don’t wait, register now and get started on improving your lifestyle.

We have a lot of free resources that can help you to target areas of your city and those resources will help you to go after the right deals. Plus market to the right areas.

Make Sure You View Cyber Homes

As a bird dog you have to make sure you know the value range for any leads you come across so the homeowner won’t mislead you and so you will know how much a house is worth compare to the asking price. If you plan on bird dogging deals for other investors then you must know their criteria for purchasing a home so you can match them up with the right deal that fits them.

The investors usually have a repair criteria plus a price and area criteria. Match everything your investor is looking for and you will be sure to get a check for your efforts. First you want to start with the range of value. One free site that you can get a range of value plus much more is Cyber Homes.

At Cyber Homes you can verify a lot of information on the home that you have your eyes on for your investor. A lot of new bird dogs think the value of a house is the tax value. The tax value is sometimes the true in cities that do evaluations every year, but most cities only reassess their tax values every 10 years. You don’t want to base your values on numbers that are years old.

So go to Cyber Homes and find out the value ranges while you explore the site for its full use.

What Kind of Fees Does a Bird Dog Get?

When investors think about becoming a bird dog they base their decisions based on learning about the real estate market they live in and the fees they can expect for devoting their time. Without a doubt a bird dog can learn the outs of real estate investing, but they also earn a fee while they learn. The fees a bird dog receives on their negotiation tactics when making first contract with an investor.

Most investors that are looking for bird dogs decide to offer bird dogs a fee because they know if they set the fee the new investor won’t really argue. The new investor wants to learn and doesn’t want to confuse things by debating over a fee. The normal compensation investors advertise to pay is around $250-1,000. Either compensation is worth if the bird dog is happy with the arrangements.

We, in our company, like offer a little more incentive for those that can assist us with making deals happen. Our goal is to set-up in 28 major cities so with our intended expansion, we can afford to pay a large portion of our profits in order to reach that goal. We don’t necessarily offer a fee to bird dogs, but we offer an opportunity to partner with on deals so they bird dog can make a larger profit as well as us.

The arrangement that we look to set-up with a bird dog is a one time compensation payment of $750 for the first deal and every deal after that we will split the profits with the investors that handle the opportunity. Going out finding deals is a lot of work and that is why it’s best for the ones that go out to find us deals should get an equal portion of the profits since we are closing the deal out with our buyers.

That strategy allows for the bird dog to work on one function and that’s to find deals while our function is two part, where we locate bird dogs and buyers. Our network of investors is growing so we have a growing need of building up a property finders for our network.

Once there is a deal that makes it to closing there are two ways for a bird dog to receive their fee or portion of the profits and that is through Paypal or in the mail by a certified check. Paypal is a clean for investors to receive payment because the service is a third party that allows its’ users to successfully transfer fund securely online. If you plan on joining our team and accepted into the network then you will probably want to set up a Paypal account so you can get your payment sooner.