Being a Bird Dog is the First Step to Learning How to Wholesale Investment Properties

During this economical slump, out of work ex-employees are looking at ways to get into real estate investing. If that is you, then starting out a bird dog is not only the fastest way to get to some quick cash but it is the fastest way to learn how to wholesale investment properties to investors that are looking for good deals.

There are a few reasons why you should want to become a property locator is as follows:

  • you learn how to spot deals
  • get familiar with scripts to talk to sellers
  • you will know which deals are good
  • you will earn quick cash while you learn

Once you figure your way around the housing market, you will become a student of the game and soon you will be able to break out into wholesaling properties to real cash buyers that are starving for properties. Everyone with a boatload of cash is looking for a vehicle to put their money in so they can drive insane profits from their investments. Now that the economy isn’t fairing well through the stock market and futures are very risky, the real estate market is becoming a main target for investors to target their focus.

You know the real estate market is starting to fire up because hedge fund companies are turning to the housing industry to unload investment dollars. One hedge fund has dedicated one billion dollars to inject into the market and they have already started. Hedge funds were huge at investing in insurance, futures and stock market opportunities but since those markets are taking a major dive, it only makes sense for them to look elsewhere and there is no better investment opportunity than the income producing properties.

So why not follow the money because soon enough the market is going to boom again with all of the billions of dollars that are being forced into the market. Every small time real estate investing company is shaking in their offices thinking the world of investing is about to come to an end but not us at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog. We know how to profit during tough times, that is why we are building a huge network of cash buyers to funnel deals found by our property locators. This is the best opportunity that you will find where you don’t have to invest any of your own money to learn and start making impacting cash.