What You Can Expect!

We are understand starting out as a bird dog can be somewhat of a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t attempted to close a real estate transaction. There are quite of few bird dogs that have been emailing us, and they can’t wait for us to get the forum started so they can dive in.

Some of the things you get for registering:

  • Access to our message board aka discussion forum. We are in the process of setting up a new platform for bird dogs to get their questions answered by our team and other experienced bird dogs that want to show their knowledge.
  • Access to private pages that contain training material to get you that first deal.
  • Webinars and Conference calls, that allows you to listen in while we pour information on you that will sure to get you started on a faster track.
  • Video training, as well we add them to our sites.
  • A community of bird dogs that want to see you succeed.
  • Email updates, letting you know when we have added more training to the site so you can be the first one to digest it in.
  • You get to submit your deals to us, so we can match them up with our investors that are looking for deals in 28 cities.

Don’t wait to register, because we won’t be offering this free training for long. Our team will be your mentor and the discussion community will be your mentor. If you have been holding out on bird dogging, you will be able to get started very shortly.
We are almost set-up to get you going, so be sure to come back around the 1st week of December and you will be glad you did.
Talk to you soon.