Free We Buy Houses Web Page for our Bird Dogs

There is something that we have been talking about but we finally got our “We Buy Houses” website up and running. It turned out just like I was thinking but there are a few more things that I would like to do it. However, in its current states it is perfect with what we are trying to accomplish here at Real Estate Investor Bird The web page is for the first bird dog in each city. If your city is listed on the website, we will be glad to add your city on it.

The web page that we are giving to our bird dogs will normally cost $20 per month through other services but since we are developing a relationship as well as offering free training, the web page is being offered for the lowest cost of free. You will receive the leads that come in as well as us. The reason why we are receiving the leads is because we want to make sure every lead is being followed up with. Our website costs us a lot of time and money so we want to be sure that it is being used.

We have just recently gotten the website in order, literally last week and if by they time you see this post, if your city has an asterisk sign beside it, that means your city is already taken so you will want to choose a city that is closest too you.

The web site is can be found at it’s name at “We Buy Houses Online”. Don’t wait and let the city of your choice get taken away from you.