Get Paid for Your Lead Generation

We are launching a new bird dog program for new and seasoned investors that want to tap into the new housing market. Everyone has watched the media and knows that the real estate market is slowly getting its feet back. As a result we have more investors now that are looking for properties to invest in. We get on average of 5 investors every week that are looking to buy houses with all cash in multiple cities and the more cities that are able to generate leads in the amount of real estate investors with deep pockets will grow even faster.

Our goal is to ride the real estate wave home value wave while it improves and now is the time for us to put our company in a position to get a stronger hold on the market during its bottoming out. We want to train bird dogs to bring in leads and now we have a beta program that will pay bird dogs a fee for leads that they bring to us that are qualifying. The home must be for sale by owner, and leads that are listed by a real estate agent are disqualified automatically, also properties with owners that are real estate agents will not receive compensation for a lead purchase but if we end up purchasing or selling the property then the bird dog will get a profit share on those types of leads.

We are so serious about our lead purchase program that we are willing to train bird dogs how to produce leads without leaving their homes if you don’t have time to canvass the streets. Hitting the streets will bring in the best leads for investors that are looking to buy houses but we have so many investors right now that we need to find properties for them.

The is a draw back to our training, we will only provide continued training to bird dogs that are constantly bringing us leads. Our goal is to build a relationship for those that really want to work with us, so we have to be careful with some of the information that we share so bird dogs will need to qualify before they can go to the next level of training. There will be modules of video tutorials distributed and once the bird dog reaches the next milestone they will receive the next level of training. We will also give each bird dog, a web page that will make it easier to generate leads and build trust amongst homeowners.

All bird dogs that are interested in our new beta program should get started immediately be as of now we have over 500 bird dogs in our system and we want more, but we won’t be able to purchase leads for too long especially if bird dogs are bringing in at least 100 leads per month. It won’t take long to reach a $10,000 pay out. So fill in our contact us now form to get started in our lead purchase program so you can start receiving our video tutorials. The videos won’t be pretty but they will be high quality content that you can use immediately to contact at least a couple of hundred sellers that want to sell their homes now.