Is the Housing Market Almost at the Halfway Point of Recovery

United States

According to Truila, the housing market is 47% close to being in full recovery mode.  That’s a huge stat for those that are thinking that the real estate industry is still in shambles.  This is shocking news and that means that it’s time to get busy and start finding those deals for our network of investors.

Trulia is comparing October of 2012 to October of 2011 and there are a few indicators that they are using to come up with the 47% recovery stat.  First Trulia is focusing on the new construction and it seems like the breaking of dirt is up 42% and that rate is 41% from being back to normal.  Builders are only doing new construction because they have a market for what they are selling and that means buyers are feeling more comfortable with the way the real estate conditions are in.

The next indicator is existing home sales which are up around 2% and this is 59% of being back to normal.  If the housing market is 59% of what it was then there are a few more years before the market is at full swing so there is no better time than now to start looking for deals.  It’s better to get the experience talking to sellers now while the market is still in recovery because sellers won’t be so picky as to who they are speaking with.

The final indicator that is proving the market is close to recovery is that foreclosure rates in November of 2012 were down to 10.64% of the housing in the country from versus 11.88% in October which shows that the foreclosure market is starting to level out which is 41% being back to normal.

So all of the numbers according to Trulia suggest that they housing market is 47% back to normal which is almost half.  There is still a long ways to go but now is the perfect time to join our team to start finding the good deals for investors in our network.  The investors are hunger cash buyers actively looking purchase on average of 12 houses per month.  That’s a huge number because out of the 300+ cash buyers on our list, that means they are looking for over 3600 houses to purchase every month.

It doesn’t matter how many bird dogs that we have it will take some time to reach that quota but I want to get as close to that number as we can.  And we need every bird dog in the market to help us get close to that number.  If we can reach 10% of that number we will reach a profit of around $150,000 per month that we will generate as a bird dog network.

Don’t wait, hurry and sign up.  If you are signed up, then hurry and start putting some of the training together so we as a team can reach our goals.