Make Sure You View Cyber Homes

As a bird dog you have to make sure you know the value range for any leads you come across so the homeowner won’t mislead you and so you will know how much a house is worth compare to the asking price. If you plan on bird dogging deals for other investors then you must know their criteria for purchasing a home so you can match them up with the right deal that fits them.

The investors usually have a repair criteria plus a price and area criteria. Match everything your investor is looking for and you will be sure to get a check for your efforts. First you want to start with the range of value. One free site that you can get a range of value plus much more is Cyber Homes.

At Cyber Homes you can verify a lot of information on the home that you have your eyes on for your investor. A lot of new bird dogs think the value of a house is the tax value. The tax value is sometimes the true in cities that do evaluations every year, but most cities only reassess their tax values every 10 years. You don’t want to base your values on numbers that are years old.

So go to Cyber Homes and find out the value ranges while you explore the site for its full use.