Top 10 Cities with Increases in Asking Prices

United States

If you haven’t read the article I wrote yesterday about the Housing Market Recovery, then you should because buyers are gaining more confidence in an industry that was hit hard by the housing bubble burst.  The market seems to be gaining momentum and this is the perfect storm for bird dogs that want to learn how to make a profit while riding the housing wave to the peak.  This is the time where serious money is being made.

Trulia has written an article based on the monitors they have in place.  Some of the cities that they have listed as top 10 in asking prices will surprise you.  Asking price is different than sales price but when homeowners feel the need to ask more for their home then that is an indication that home values are improving in their area.  After writing the article yesterday, I am convinced that the housing market is close to turning the corner and when it does, then the market will become a sellers market, meaning that sellers will have buyers bidding up home prices.

Right now, we are in a buyers market in most areas of the country so buyers have strong influence on the selling prices and sellers are more likely to accept lower than market offers for their homes.

So for all of the property locators in the following markets, now is the time to set aside more time than you have to start working on developing yourself to generate leads.  We have over 300 cash buyers on our list and the list grows everyday and the more leads that we generate the more properties we will have to work with.  Here are the markets with the highest increase in asking prices in October of 2012:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. Cape Coral, Florida
  3. San Jose, California
  4. Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, Michigan
  5. West Palm Beach, Florida
  6. Las Vegas, Nevada
  7. Denver, Colorado
  8. Detroit, Michigan
  9. Oakland, California
  10. San Francisco, California

There is the list bird dogs, so if you are in those cities, you should be more excited than anyone because you have the perfect storm to take advantage of.  Are you going to be the spectator that sits back and watch everyone else make money or are you going to be apart of history that is being made in the second decade of the century?

I expect to have more leads in those areas than any other city.