We Have Free Leads For Your City!

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are in the process of revamping our bird dog site.  Many of you have been to this site before and now notice the changes.  Our team is coming up with the right logo for the site so things should be full swing by the first of the year.  That’s not going to stop us though, we are still going to provide you with the good stuff until then.

Now back to the title, we have have a real estate lead generating website that is placed in 28 major cities across the country and we get leads from different cities every week either by phone or through emails from our site.  The leads are from sellers that are about to lose their real estate investment properties, going through divorce, transferring jobs and must sell and a whole lot more different circumstances.

That’s one reason why we decided to start this bird dog site because we want to utilize all the leads that come to us.  It’s virtually impossible for us to personally be in 28 cities chasing deals and that’s why we thought of you.  If you provide the right bird dogs with our free real estate leads some of you can do something with them.

We will test you out, you won’t get all of the leads just a few for your city and if you prove you are trustworthy and can handle the load we will give you more of our leads.  You see, we just want to close real estate transactions and don’t mind sharing the profits.

In order to take advantage of our real estate leads which will be free, I must add, you simply have to register with us.  Your information is completely safe, we don’t spam or sell your information to a third party.

Here are some of the things you get just for joining:

  1. Access to our real estate leads that come through us system.  You are welcome to call any leads we have until someone in the city of those leads become available.
  2. Listen in while we call sellers on the phone and hear how we talk to them personally so you can get an idea of what to say and when to say it.
  3. Access to our message board, where you can post questions and get your answers by the end of the day or if you posted your questions late the very next day.
  4. The forms needed to organize your bird dogging and the free leads we provide you.
  5. Ideas on how to implement your own marketing.
  6. Your very own web page with an email address that is linked to our website for instant credibility.  No more using a free email like hotmail, gmail, or yahoo.
  7. Sample letters to send to sellers.
  8. Sample ads you can place on the internet and newspaper.
  9. Free e-books like; Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Thought and much more.
  10. Full real estate investor marketing guide.

There are so many things you will get just for registering for our free leads that it will be a disservice to you and your family for not signing up now.  We are only looking for 28 bird dogs that are qualified, we have had 100’s of replies but most weren’t qualified.   Don’t delay because if you do, you will be working for one of our other bird dogs that will have the key to the free leads we are giving away.