What Kind of Fees Does a Bird Dog Get?

When investors think about becoming a bird dog they base their decisions based on learning about the real estate market they live in and the fees they can expect for devoting their time. Without a doubt a bird dog can learn the outs of real estate investing, but they also earn a fee while they learn. The fees a bird dog receives on their negotiation tactics when making first contract with an investor.

Most investors that are looking for bird dogs decide to offer bird dogs a fee because they know if they set the fee the new investor won’t really argue. The new investor wants to learn and doesn’t want to confuse things by debating over a fee. The normal compensation investors advertise to pay is around $250-1,000. Either compensation is worth if the bird dog is happy with the arrangements.

We, in our company, like offer a little more incentive for those that can assist us with making deals happen. Our goal is to set-up in 28 major cities so with our intended expansion, we can afford to pay a large portion of our profits in order to reach that goal. We don’t necessarily offer a fee to bird dogs, but we offer an opportunity to partner with on deals so they bird dog can make a larger profit as well as us.

The arrangement that we look to set-up with a bird dog is a one time compensation payment of $750 for the first deal and every deal after that we will split the profits with the investors that handle the opportunity. Going out finding deals is a lot of work and that is why it’s best for the ones that go out to find us deals should get an equal portion of the profits since we are closing the deal out with our buyers.

That strategy allows for the bird dog to work on one function and that’s to find deals while our function is two part, where we locate bird dogs and buyers. Our network of investors is growing so we have a growing need of building up a property finders for our network.

Once there is a deal that makes it to closing there are two ways for a bird dog to receive their fee or portion of the profits and that is through Paypal or in the mail by a certified check. Paypal is a clean for investors to receive payment because the service is a third party that allows its’ users to successfully transfer fund securely online. If you plan on joining our team and accepted into the network then you will probably want to set up a Paypal account so you can get your payment sooner.