What We Are Looking For!


We need a person that is responsible and motivated to find the best deals in their area. You are your areas local information researcher. If you want the opportunity to work with us you need to become good at finding properties that are for sale or likely to become for sale by owner, preferably. Once accepted into our program you will get a list of areas that we need you to work based on your cities information when you submit your registration form.

We will give you pointers on how to keep track of your progress and leads so it will be your responsibility to maintain accurate records. You need to be able to track the leads you send over to us because we don’t want to deal with duplicate leads unless they are submitted 60-90 days apart.

You will be given property information forms that have the information we need to analyze a lead for further review. All property information forms should be kept in your records for safe keeping but all leads that you submit to us will have to be sent through the system. On the home page in the on the left side of the page you will see three blue boxes the top box should say main menu, in the main menu there is a tab that says submit properties. Once you click on that tab, you will submit your properties into that form and when we process the information you will get a receipt, informing you that we have received your property lead.

There will be multiple ways for you to find deals, but the most successful methods will require some cash on your part. For example; mailings are a good way to develop leads and they cost money so if you want consistent leads then you will need a budget to mail letters and postcards to prospects. Another example; newspaper ads cost money but they generally bring in a few leads per month so you will need a budget for this if that’s a way you want to go.

Once you get started you will learn multiple free methods to or very cost effective methods to generate leads until you get a few deals going to have a budget. Starting off with a budget, even a small budget of $25-75/week, will put you at an advantage of using the free methods. The free methods will require quite a bit of time but that do work.

We will start by asking you a few questions to determine your level of experience and once we get a feel of where you are we will give you assignments to work on so you can work on to generate leads.

Our interpretation of a bird dog is very different from a lot of individuals and the way they use the term. Our definition of a bird dog is completely different than the way most use it. Most people that scour for information on becoming a bird dog don’t understand that simply being a bird dog is not the correct way to go about it. There are many courses on the topic but our vision of a bird dog isn’t simply someone that is at the bottom of totem pole or out searching for deals for a fee. Our understanding that the more people that have the same common goal is the better than a small team going out performing the same task. The linguistic should be clearly understood that we aren’t out looking to pay people to be apart of a transaction but to be apart of a team that is clearly above board with a clear partnership in mind. In order to understand what a bird dog is, we will talk more about with a featured article on our definition of a bird dog.