Who is Real Estate Investor Bird Dog?

We are a group of investors that have closed deals creatively, wholesale and cash deals. Our group started up in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and now we are expanding to multiple cities across the country. There are a lot of mentors out there on the web that want to charge you excessive amounts of money only to leave you thirsty for more training.

Their real estate mentor trainings are designed to suck you dry of all your cash, then they rinse and repeat the process with someone else. That’s not how we do here at Real Estate Investor Bird Dog. We mentor those that are deserving for the big cost of FREE!

We are only looking for a few bird dogs in each major city. Our goal is to build up one bird dog in each city that can consistently brings us deals so we can close them out and once we have that bird dog set up, we will show them out to have other bird dogs working for them so they can sit back and manage the leads. That’s a pretty sweet deal for the right bird dog that wants to get started in the real estate industry.

This free mentor training isn’t going to last long, once we fill up the 28 cities that we want to set up in, then all latter bird dogs will be require to pay for the training. Our bird dogs that we mentor will be responsible for training the new recruits and get a portion of the new bird dogs subscriptions. So don’t wait, register now and get started on improving your lifestyle.

We have a lot of free resources that can help you to target areas of your city and those resources will help you to go after the right deals. Plus market to the right areas.